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Compare Monitored Alarm Systems

We compare the top nationwide monitored home security alarm systems, burglar alarms and alarm system brands, so you don't have to do the legwork. You can compare monitored alarm companies and follow links to visit the site where a home security burglar alarm systems quote can be requested or a burglar alarm system ordered.

In addition to explaining the benefits of home security and home alarm systems, this site provides a comparison matrix of some of the national home security alarm systems companies offering burglar alarms with monitoring services, including ADT, Brinks and Protect America.

Home Security Systems

The goal of this site is to help the consumer better understand home security, burglar alarms, and alarm systems to help in the purchase of a home security or monitored burglar alarm system. If you want to secure your house, you need to have solid core doors, deadbolt locks, lights that are triggered by movement, or are on all night long, and a home alarm system. The best protection is to get a monitored home security system from the likes of ADT, Brink's or Protect America.

Protect your family from burglaries with a name America trusts. Monitored alarm systems are a key component to deter crime, and protect your loved ones. You should also consider starting or joining your local neighborhood watch program, adding lights that are on motion detectors outside your home, and cutting back any tall trees or shrubs that are close to your house, where a burglar can easily use the cover to break into your home. For more informations about this topic click on


DIY Home Alarm Equipment

For all your do-it-yourself types, we have links to the top alarm products in the industry, including home security cameras, alarm control panels and even the X10 line of home security equipment.  Whether you buy from a national alarm monitoring company, or choose to install your own alarm system, make sure you understand why you need an alarm:

A home alarm is one of the best ways to deter crime and burglary of your home. Burglars are the first to admit they pick houses that are easy to rob: easily accessed doors and windows, dark areas protected by shrubs, and houses without home alarm systems. How are you protecting your home and family today?


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